• Individual Therapy

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    Holistic Counseling Services offers individuals and families an opportunity to learn how to make better decisions and improve relationships. By helping each person individually establish clear and concise goals. 

    With the help of HCS, individuals can learn to understand their feelings and establish effective ways to express their feelings. Individuals can learn what it takes to be restored and made whole. Below are just a few of our individual counseling services. Please contact us for more information.

    • Psychotherapy
    • Chrisitan Counseling
    • Christian/Marriage Counseling
    • Family Therapy
    • Trauma and Crisis
    • Grief and Loss
    • Parenting Training
    • Young Adult/teen treatment
    • Women’s Issues

    Biblical Counseling

    Our Biblical Counseling Program uses a Christian perspective to help transform the lives of our clients. 

    We support building relationships that are rewarding, respectful of others, and promote God’s purpose of living life to its fullness.

    Our Christian View Commitment

    • We respect our clients. We affirm the decision to seek help as a sign of strength. We are committed to helping people as they struggle with everyday challenges. 
    • We take a proactive approach to marriage. Notably, we recommend and provide pre-marital counseling and work with couples to strengthen their marital relationships.

    Psychotherapy Program & Services

    Our Psychotherapy Program addresses mental health needs by fostering growth at every stage of life. The Psychotherapy Program is staffed with licensed skilled professionals.  

    Our Psychotherapy Counseling Commitment

    • Mental Health – Clients working with Holistic Counseling Services will be empowered to embrace life and learn new methods to overcome life challenges.  
    • HCS respects each client’s “right to choose” which program they wish to participant in and what action they will engage in during the formation of their treatment plan. 
    • Biblical Counseling is a service that is offered to all HCS client’s but is not a requirement. 

    Wellness Program

    In conjunction with our Wellness Program we partner with local gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists and other partners to enrich the health of our clients.  HCS runs a yearly weight challenge group to encourage individuals to pursue a healthy mind and body.   We encourage all to join us on this journey to great health and wellness.