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    Welcome and thank you for considering employment at Holistic Counseling Services. We consider our staff to be a valued resource. We are looking for talented, qualified and passionate individuals.

    The positions that we have available are listed below. To get more information on the position, click on the link to download a PDF of the job description. To apply, mail; email; or fax your resume and a cover letter detailing your interest in the position.

    Position Title(s)

    Biblical Counselor Position
    Clinical Therapist Position 2

    Employment applications are accepted for vacant positions using the following methods:

    1. By email, please put the title of the position in the subject. Allow your cover letter to serve as the body of your email. Then, provide your resume, letters of reference, or any supplemental material, as an attachment to the email. Please send your attachments as MS Word or PDF format. Send your email to…


    2. By regular mail, please mail your packet to…

    Holistic Counseling Services
    (Position Title from Above)
    600 Cross Keys Rd
    Suite #202
    Sicklerville, NJ 08081

    3. Via Fax, send your document to…

    (856) 318-1583