At Holistic Counseling Services, we strive to provide you or your group with a wide range of outstanding services and resources. Our range of services meet the needs of those who desire traditional counseling services, as well as, those who prefer counseling services with a biblical focus. We have also included health and wellness services. Holistic Counseling Services can provide:

  • Therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. (Fees are charged for services. Clients with insurance coverage may be able to use medical insurance. Clients without insurance who are unable to pay the fee may discuss our sliding scale.);
  • Counseling, with appropriate tests and assessments;
  • Psychological testing and a variety of measurements that are also available including vocational interest inventories, career development, and personality assessment;
  • Therapists who are available to churches and community groups on a contractual basis for…

    – Classes and workshops,
    – Enrichment weekends in the area of individual development,
    – Issues of marriage and family relationships,
    – And, faith development dynamics.

  • For clergy and professionals who are seeking professional certification, staff who are certified to supervise;
  • And, licensing training for those who are seeking licensure in professional counseling or social work.

The list below represents some of the services and programs that we offer:

Individual Counseling
Pre-Marrital Counseling
Biblical Marriage Counseling
Child Play Therapy
Trauma and Crisis
Grief and Loss
Parenting Training
Child Behavior Modification
Childhood Obesity
Financial Freedom Education
Church Conferences
Marriage Seminars
Corporate Training/Seminars
Weekend Retreats
Health and Wellness
Child Care Policy & Procedures Training & Consulting
Head Start Training
Financial Workshops