Holistic Counseling Services, LLC. is a faith-based organization that provides a suite of services. As a subsidiary of Holistic Counseling Works, HCS represents one part of an organization that serves communities by providing foundational services to groups and individuals.

We are a holistic ministry where you will always feel loved and supported when you meet with our staff. We care about each and every person that God has blessed with the gift of life. Our desire is to help you live a dynamic, blessed life each and every day. Our vision is for all families to be restored and made whole through the powerful word of God.

Life is tough. Sometimes in spite of our best efforts we are still overwhelmed. At such times we need someone to reflect our Savior in the trenches of our inner battles and interpersonal struggles. Our mission is to help you along life’s journey to achieve spiritual and emotional wholeness through God’s word. We use different approaches to restore relationships between the individual and God, self and community. We will help you establish goals through individual counseling, group sessions and seminars.

One of the ways we assist others in achieving these goals is by providing services that will promote learning, growth and healing. Below are just some of the things we provide:

  • Therapy sessions that run between 6-12 weeks
  • Helpful resources and useful information
  • Free resource materials and referrals