Love Language

Improve Your Marriage by Learning Your Spouse’s Love Language
For our loved ones, for good friends and family, and for the comforts of home we often say thank you. But when was the last time you said “thanks” to your spouse ? How often do you show your partner that you value him or her? When we’re busy and stressed out, we often forget to thank or show appreciation to the very person we chose to share our life with!

1. Physical Touch – hold hands or rub your spouse’s back.

2. Words of Affirmation –-Tell them daily that you love them in a special way in different situations like “Good morning, gorgeous” or “You’re so handsome.” Tell them when they done a great job or was attentive to your needs.

3. Quality Time-giving your mate undivided attention or checking in with each other daily.

4. Act of Service– doing things that they like . Most couples in the relationship do what they think
their spouse like but it is really what they like.The key to doing an act of service is to see
the world through your spouse’s eyes.

5. Gifts-does not need be expensive –give a favorite candy, cook dinner and eat it outside, be the genie in a bottle, give coupons to your spouse just to let them know you love them.

There is no etiquette or formal rule that verbal gratitude has to be delivered face-to face. You can express this type of gratitude over the phone, in email, or in person. Sometimes a surprise phone call in the middle of the day delivers more bang than a kiss when you get home. Mailing a thank-you card to your partner can be a surprisingly simple way to make him or her feel appreciated and noticed.
Here’s why gratitude is so important. There are three basic needs all people in relationships have: (1) The need for reassurance or self-worth, (2) the need for intimacy and closeness, and (3) the need for assistance. Learning how to show your partner gratitude will help you fulfill your spouse’s first two needs: the need for reassurance and the need for intimacy.

Tips on to put this into pratice:

-Ask your husband/wife what is their love language?
-Or To find out what their love language is observe their behavior?
-Your husband/wife can receive correction when you wrap it in love in their language. (fill those love banks daily)
-Understand that most people need all five of the love lanuage but prefer one over the other.
-Working on your marriage must be consistent.
-We have to teach unconditional love but never tie it to anything else. Your spouse need to know and sense that no matter what they do you have unconditional love- it is the greatest gift
Know that we are all deeply beloved sinner that are able to live according to God purpose when we feel love and belonging. Its important show your beloved.

Consider this: In my long-term study of marriage and divorce, couples who expressed frequent gratitude to each other were the happiest in their marriages by a significant margin. In fact, 61 percent of the happy couples in my study said that their spouses “often” made them feel good about the kind of person they are, compared to only 27 percent of the other couples. For these happy couples, gratitude came in the form of words, gestures, or acts that showed a spouse that he or she was noticed, appreciated, respected, loved or desired.

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