Reduce Back to School Stress

“Returning to work after a vacation, transitioning your children to a new school, even fighting a busier rush hour as schools reopen, can all contribute to an increased stress level.

My advice is to become aware of events that are likely to increase your stress levels and take steps to actively manage your stress and promote healthy coping behaviors in your children.

One way to reduce  your stress levels in the beginning stages by starting your back to school planning early. Get your school supplies in order, plan your schedule and establish a regular sleep schedule before the first day of classes.

Need more great tips for reducing your back to school stress?

1.    Learn how to manage your time wisely. With a little careful planning, you can reduce or eliminate a great deal of stress.

 2.    Focus on organization There are plenty of cheap and easy organization tools available that will help you remember deadlines, track assignments and plan your schedule.

3.    Understand your learning style In order to establish the best study habits, it’s important to know how you learn most effectively.

4.    Brush up on your study skills Start the term out on the right foot by working on your study habits, test-taking skills and writing strategies. Each course brings with it a unique set of challenges, but making a few simple tweaks to your normal academic habits can dramatically improve your grades and information retention.

5.    Work on learning more efficiently Improving your study habits is great, but what if there was a way to improve your ability to retain and recall information? Fortunately, there are some great tips you can use to dramatically improve your learning efficiency and effectiveness.

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